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Web Design

A website is more than just a collection of web pages. It should be at the heart of your brand. I will help you achieve this with a bespoke website design that offers huge functionality, forward-thinking creativity and a total understanding of your business goals.

Digital strategy

My digital strategy begins with you. The first step I take is to chat with my clients and gain an accurate understanding of your business. I get to know your marketing goals, biggest competitors and your brand identity. Developing a close relationship with my clients is very important to me.

Content strategy

To start I map out a content strategy to ensure that I create a website that is on-brand and meets all your objectives. Based on an understanding of your business’ goals, needs and wants, I will strategies where key parts of your website should be including calls-to-action, and carefully plan how the site should look in line with your brand’s identity.

UI & UX design

I never forget about the most important person in the website design process: and that’s the end-user. Thorough planning and research goes into assuring your website is not just stylish but is user friendly. My process involves creating a visual layout of all the elements that your customers might interact with. I then test the user’s experience and ensure it is as smooth as possible. I also examine each site’s functionality on a range of browsers and devices, ie its responsiveness, to ensure every user can access your site.

All Seasons eCommerce Website

Alan wanted his new business to stand out from his competitors, so he came to me for his branding. We chatted and from their the idea was born. This lead onto a new eCommerce website plus social media advertising. 

Web Development Responsive Phone Mock Up
Branding Packaging mock up
Branding Packaging mock up

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