Souper Cafe Design

Logo & Web design proposal

a mockup design of a can of soup

The overall effect of the design is a flat spoon with the Hungarian embroidered flower residing inside.
I really love this design, maybe because I am myself half Hungarian.

When I look at the proposal for Souper Cafe I always get this warm fuzzy feeling, maybe its just a reminder of the same feeling I get when I am there having one of their delicious soups. The warm earth tones of the colours used in the logo and website try to reflect that. What with the amazing photographs of the soups just makes this a delight to the eye. The use of a modern flat bold logo with these colours draws attention to the detail that this cafe puts into their menu on a daily basis. I must admit I am biased about their soups, especially their Hungarian Goulash, which is served in a traditional bogracs pot with a hot paprika relish.

The proposal for the logo and website was inspired by the astonishing colour and taste of the Souper Cafes soups! Tasty food served in a comfortable setting is what awaits customers in Souper Cafe. They have a small but exciting menu, and all the food is freshly cooked. You really have to try their soups, especially on a cold and wet winters day.

They are located in Merchants Square in the heart of Ennis, the capital of Clare, on the Wild Atlantis Way. Their menu includes a variety of 6 soups daily, salads, sandwiches, paninis, wraps and desserts which is all made from scratch freshly in the house. All soups are gluten free and contain no artificial flavourings or preservatives.

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