Searching for design inspiration?

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Searching for design inspiration?

Want some design inspiration, then check out these amazing site across the web.

Creativity isn’t always a precise science. generally, the juices flow, however at other times it’s simple to feel all dried up. Your mind draws a blank, gives you nahda and you sit there drinking a cold cup of coffee and looking out of the window at the rain.

It’s during those rare time of course that I wander around the net looking to see what other designers minds have been able to create. This usually then brings on a feverish like activity as I take an idea from here, and inspiration from there and I have a new design for my latest website.

So if you are a designer like myself and find your mind blank today, here are some ideas…..

design is kinky website image

Design is Kinky A great site that is jam-packed full of inspirational ideas from designers all over the world.

Designspiration This site has inspiration running throughout out its pages, yet again so much to see, it’s Pinterest for designers.

Designers go to Heaven The cool curated by graphic designers, another site to inspire and delight.


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Okay Great

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