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Loction Location, Ennis, Businnes card mock with the logo design

Logo Design used on For Sale Signs

This is a street for sale hoarding, using the colours and the new logo design to its full advantage.
I have seen these out on the field as such and they really stand out! I really adore the use of the location pin in the new logo design. the contrast between that lovely velvety black and the turquoise is extraordinary.
I’ve also noticed that they seem to sell houses pretty quickly too!

Location Location is Clare’s Number 1 Independent Property Agency! They are a group of auctioneers, valuers & estate agents with over 45 year’s experience in selling & letting properties, of all types, in County Clare, Ireland.

I helped Location Location auctioneers reach new goals by designing a new identity platform from which their website and premises were designed. The new logo design is one of my all-time favorites. I admire the colour choice and its simplicity and it was a delight to work with this incredible company because they knew exactly the image that they wanted to portray.

The use of the location pin as their logo in that deepest of blacks against the turquoise blue is just breathtaking. The font used for the new design was Rounded Elegance, a font designed by Douglas Charles Cunha. I love its clean open appearance. This teamed with the simplicity of the main logo image make this logo so attractive.

If you are the need for a home that needs a quick sale then I recommend Location Location, Auctioneers, Valuers and Estate Agents, you will find them located at

Unit 2, Summer Hill, 
Ennis, County Clare, Ireland

the shop images are from locations locations facebook page, the shop design is not mine but taken from my logo and branding

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