Effective Web Design = Web Elements

Web design and its web elements.

Having just a pretty website is great, but if that’s all you have……
You need a website that draws your clicks into a productive investment.

When designing a website, you need to know your primary goals, what do you want your website to achieve, How do you want it to work for you?
A great website design makes content that’s important or actions obvious to your visitors.

Here are some ideas on the best website elements to help with this….

killer headline news web elements

 Web Elements 1: Killer attention seeking headlines

This is the first thing your visitors see in your web design! Did you know 5 times as many people read the headlines as to the body text, or in your case, engage with your website. You have between 6 to 12 words to draw their attention and get them to commit to viewing what you are offering.
But writing a killer homepage headline isn’t that simple… but it’s not rocket science, either. You are aiming for a headline that grabs them, draws them up close to the screen and tells them what your site can do for them!

user friendly image with mock ups of pc and tablets

 Web Elements 2: User-Friendly Navigation

Nothing will confuse customers more and so drive them away faster than complicated navigation! Your customers should be able to glance quickly and immediately clearly see what they are looking for, and have this consistently throughout your site. Always be sure to make your menu bar or navigation clear and simple, easy to understand.


am vintage pic of a microphone calling to action

 Web Elements 3: Call to Action

Don’t leave your visitors guessing what you want to sell them, make it loud make it proud. Explain exactly what they have to do and the easiest way is a call to action like “CLICK HER NOW” Just think of a BIG button, make it stand out, it doesn’t have to be garish or flashing! Just don’t let your potential customers looking at your page.

pebbles with a butterfly

 Web Elements 4: Images

This is a no-brainer! In today’s fast click lifestyle, an image is key! Nothing engages as quickly as an image. People are visual animals and our brain are stimulated by images. So be sure to use clear photos of your products! A really attractive product shot can really boost your sales. If you have a lot of images, think about using thumbnails that link to full-size images. So that your page can load quicker! (Everyone hates a slow loading website, and you can lose clients before your site has even loaded!)

flat image of an envelope

 Web Elements 5: Opt-In

Most of your first-time visitors to your site will not purchase something, but they were curious to look at your website and what you have to offer, so use this to your advantage! You can turn these visitors to potential customers by offering them to chance to subscribe to your newsletter, this can develop into a relationship that they will then trust you and so use your service or purchase your product. Try to make your opt-in available on every page, that way less clicking for your visitor.

the words about us pegged out on a line

Web Elements  6: About Us

Another way to build trust with your visitors is “About Us” Visitors want to interact with real people, not machines. Don’t hesitate to tell them about yourselves, give them images of yourselves, your company even. Show them you are real.

contact us images in blue

 Web Elements 7: Contact Information

Finally, this is a must. Give your visitors clear instruction on how they can contact you. Give them all the information they need to get in touch. Make it simple to use! You can just use a simple contact link or a contact form.

Always remember a great web design will draw your visitors in and that is the first step.