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Duggan Hurley Logo Design
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duggan hurley white leather logo image
duggan hurley white leather logo image
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Duggan Hurleys logo design

Padraig rang me needing a new logo, the initial idea was to connect it to Cú Chulainn or Setanta as he was known. Cú Chulainn lived in a great fort  (Eamhain Macha) where he played and trained with the other boys. With wrestling and sword practice and this is a place where Setanta first created the game of hurling. Anyway, Padraig and I worked together to try and create an image of Cú Chulainn to add into his logo.

After a few tries we decided maybe a “celtic” style hurley would lend its self to the logo better. From this, the new logo was created that you see here. The font we used for the logo was Stonecross, a stylised celtic type font. The hurley itself was artwork I created, and what I will say is this. Drawing a celtic knot is not the simplest of things to do. To get the celtic knot in into the shape of the hurley posed yet another challenge, but there again I do love challenges!

What is Hurling?

This is an ancient game and a national sport of Ireland, It is the fastest game played on grass! It is made up of 2 teams with 15 players on each side, each side trying to score against each other using a hurl (a stick called camán in Irish) and a sliotar. (a small ball pronounced slit-ar) This is also one of the most skillful games played today.

The game of hurling is played on a pitch 145m x 90m long. With goal posts similar to those found in rugby but slightly higher.

If you get the opportunity to see a game. You will be enthralled by the speed, skill, and determination of the players. Also remember that even though this is a national sport, all the players are amateurs! Yes, each of those amazing skillful players you are watching is either students or in employment. This will show how much the players love the game of Hurling!

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