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logo, branding, Facebook advertising & e-commerce website

digiTech mockup of e-commerce website on different devices

DigiTech Ennis

The lads at DigiTech asked me to create their online presence with an e-commerce website and wanted it to correspond with their existing logo and colours of red, black and grey.

Their new Christmas Facebook banner was placed on their Facebook and hero landing page of their new website. These guys are simply the best clients, they always love whatever I do for them.

Who They Are

We are a computer and phone repair shop in the heart of Ennis town. We sell and repair a wide range of electronics from PC’s, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, and Accessories. On site, we have engineers and technicians with over 40 years’ experience repairing and servicing hardware and software in electronics.

On a more technical level, we specialise in board level repairs such as Power management IC and baseband chip replacements, micro-soldering, water damage repair,  reflows, and much more. We strive to give every customer and business, the best service, product and price available.

Digi Tech are part Electronic Repairs and part Technology Superheroes! Need something repaired? Contact them now for an unrivaled Sales and Repairs experience in Phones, Laptops, Tablets, and all other Electronic Devices.

The original design brief done a few years back was to create a logo which was bold fresh and ‘techi’ The lads fell in love with the idea I presented of a power button but then asked for the logo to have a round appearance also with the text around the button.

Then a few months back they asked me to create their online presence in the form of an e_commerce website. With this, I created their adverts for their Facebook shop.

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