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Unveiling Our Newest Branding Design for a UK-Based Furniture Company


In the ever-evolving world of design, the power of branding cannot be underestimated. It serves as a visual representation of a company’s identity, values, and products. Today, we are thrilled to unveil our latest branding design project—a collaboration with a UK-based furniture company specialising in sustainable furniture with a country cottage focus. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of our creative process and showcase the impactful brand design we crafted, featuring a clean and modern black-and-white aesthetic.

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Understanding the Client and Their Vision

Before embarking on the branding design journey, it was essential to understand our client’s values, goals, and target market. The furniture company aimed to provide sustainable and ethically sourced furniture, capturing the essence of country cottage living. This vision became our guiding light as we set out to create a brand identity that would resonate with both the company’s mission and its customers.

Crafting a Clean and Modern Aesthetic

To capture the essence of sustainability and elegance, we opted for a clean and modern aesthetic for the brand design. The combination of black and white was deliberately chosen to convey a sense of sophistication and timelessness. Black symbolizes strength, elegance, and durability, while white signifies purity, simplicity, and a fresh start—attributes that align perfectly with the client’s sustainable furniture offerings.

Creating the Icon for Brand Recognition

To enhance brand recognition and establish a visual identity, we crafted a distinctive icon as part of the branding design. The icon is a minimalist representation of a country cottage, reflecting the core theme of the furniture company. Its simple yet recognizable form ensures versatility and scalability across various applications, from packaging to digital media.

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Typography: Balancing Elegance and Readability

Typography played a pivotal role in our branding design, striking a delicate balance between elegance and readability. We selected a clean and contemporary sans-serif typeface to complement the modern aesthetic. The font exudes simplicity and sophistication, ensuring legibility across different mediums and sizes.

Symbolising Sustainability through Imagery

To reinforce the brand’s commitment to sustainability, we incorporated subtle imagery throughout the brand design. Nature-inspired elements, such as leaves or branches, were intertwined with the typography and the icon, subtly reminding customers of the company’s eco-conscious practices. This symbiotic relationship between nature and furniture further solidifies the brand’s commitment to sustainable living.

Packaging Design: Merging Elegance and Functionality

In addition to the core brand design, we extended our creativity to the packaging design. We wanted the packaging to reflect the brand’s elegance and sustainability while also considering practicality. We opted for clean, minimalist packaging with eco-friendly materials, showcasing the brand’s commitment to a holistic sustainable experience for customers. The iconic brand icon is prominently displayed on the packaging, enhancing brand recognition and leaving a lasting impression.

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Bringing the Brand to Life: Digital and Print Collateral

To ensure a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints, we extended the design elements to digital and print collateral. From the website design to brochures and catalogues, the clean black-and-white aesthetic remained consistent, creating a cohesive and visually impactful brand presence. By maintaining design harmony across various platforms, we aimed to enhance brand recall and establish a strong visual identity in the market.


The unveiling of our newest branding design project for a UK-based furniture company specializing in sustainable furniture with a country cottage focus marks a significant milestone in our creative journey. By combining a clean and modern black-and-white aesthetic, an iconic brand icon, and subtle references to sustainability, we have created a visual identity that encapsulates the essence of the client’s brand vision. The clean lines, elegant typography, and nature-inspired imagery harmoniously merge to represent

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