All Seasons

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The project

All Seasons Outdoor Clothing Specialists provides all equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Including camping equipment, hiking clothes and gear, hiking shoes, Swiss army knives, cubs and scouts equipment, outdoor jackets and all other clothing for an active person.


Gary came to through recommendation. He had no idea what he wanted, just that he needed to brand his shop for a new eCommerce website and social media, which he also wanted me to create. We chatted and I got a feel for how he wanted his customers to see him and how the interacted with him.

Website Design

This eCommerce site was created to emphasize the great outdoors. Gary’s principle customers either worked outside or were hikers etc. The eCommerce site was designed as simple as possible to use, find and purchase Gary’s products. 

“I recently got an e-commerce site built by Atlantis and from the first time meeting her I can’t speak highly enough of her. She was super friendly with so much patience with me and nothing was too much for her.

When I told her what I wanted we sat down and went through everything step by step, from her designing a logo for my site and Facebook page to even going above and beyond and setting up a Facebook store.

I was initially daunted about getting a page set-up but she made me feel at ease and showed me everything I needed to do. I wouldn’t send anyone anywhere else but Atlantis”

All Seasons
Web Development Responsive Phone Mock Up
Branding Packaging mock up
Branding Packaging mock up

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